What’s on my desk?

Updated February 21, 2017


I am often asked, “What are you working on now?” This page gives you a peek at my desk to see what is in the works this year.

I am currently working on two projects – A Screen Door Slammed and 57 Hours. A Screen Door Slammed, my debut novel, is already written and I am in the final stages of production design. I expect to be releasing it in early fall 2017.

I am also researching my second novel which I am currently writing, 57 Hours. Loosely based on an actual 1980 murder, a new bride of 57 Hours finds out her husband has been shot dead. Faced with a multitude of suspects – from swindled business partners to wronged mistresses – the police quickly narrow their investigation to her. She is arrested even though she avows her innocence. What will be the outcome of her trial? Come with me and join her during this most difficult time of her life. I expect this book to be ready for release in Spring 2019.

Keep checking back in. I’ll keep you updated on the status of each book.

Of course, along with writing good books, I love to read good books. Check out my Reading List here.